In the dynamic landscape of media and advocacy in Sierra Leone emerges as a prominent figure, currently serving as the President of Women in the Media Sierra Leone. A premium member with a diverse skill set. Meet our woman crush for this week, Eastina Taylor

As the Project Coordinator at Engage Salone, Taylor spearheads a range of initiatives, including podcast production, research, and editorials. With a robust background in broadcast media, she brings extensive experience in producing, presenting, and managing, contributing significantly to critical dialogue development in Sierra Leone.

Taylor’s leadership extends to her role as Station Manager at Capital Radio, where she played a pivotal role in steering the station’s success from October 2022 to July 2023. Her impact on the station’s operational aspects showcases her ability to excel in high-pressure media environments.

As the Community Engagement Officer for On Our Radar, Taylor managed and supported a community reporter network of over 70 individuals across Sierra Leone. Her commitment to inclusivity and community support resonates in her work, reflecting a passion for amplifying marginalized voices.

Beyond her impactful roles in media and advocacy, Taylor co-founded Stand-Out Multimedia (SL) LTD in March 2021. This venture, alongside the Revive & Glow Natural Cosmetic Care Company, reflects her dedication to multifaceted endeavors and a commitment to fostering creativity and sustainability.

Currently pursuing an MBA in Business Administration and Management at the University of the People, Taylor’s academic journey also includes a BA in Communication and Media Studies from Atlantic International University.

Her civic leadership activities at Indiana University Bloomington further showcase Taylor’s commitment to continuous learning and honing her leadership skills across various disciplines.

In her capacity as the President of Women in the Media Sierra Leone, Taylor champions gender issues, women’s empowerment, and youth advocacy through the Shaping Young Minds Initiative. Her dedication to being a feminist and activist is evident in both her professional and personal pursuits.

Eastina Taylor stands as a trailblazer, seamlessly navigating the intersections of media, entrepreneurship, and advocacy. Her journey underscores not only her professional achievements but also her unwavering commitment to fostering positive change in Sierra Leone’s media landscape and beyond.