Meet our Woman Crush for this week, Haja Fatima Zahra Kamara, a noblewoman, Mother, Scholar, and Mentor of Female Youths in Sierra Leone.

Haja Kamara is one of the superwomen in Sierra Leone who has touched the lives of many female youths in the country through her altruistic endeavors. She is the Founder and President of the Islamic Women Organization in Sierra Leone (IWOSL), a goodwill organization aimed at developing local communities and empowering and strengthening the dress code of female youths across the country.

Kamara as the leader of IWOSL has shaped and groomed young girls to become proper and appropriate Women in society as well as catered for and developed local communities, starting with her own community in Jui. Kamara through her organization facilitated the construction of a mosque and Islamic School for residents of the Jui community. Her organization facilitated the establishment of a medical center, an orphanage, and a boarding home for the less privileged.

Centered on strengthening the dress code of women across the length and breadth of the country, the organization organizes camps hosting hundreds of girls, who are schooled on ethics of the Hjab and Islamic doctrine.

The young girls not only benefit from important life lessons taught in the camp, but they also receive gifts of books and Islamic attires at the end of the camp.

Kamara working with other Islamic leaders in Turkey and other countries has been providing scholarships with benefits for young girls to study out of the country and empower themselves. She has also been an enthusiastic matchmaker who has ensured the pairing of many young ladies with good bachelors.

Her altruistic nature and good traits are a symbol of a high-value woman, and that makes her stand out.