Meet Sierra Leonean Innovator and Entrepreneur Whose Company Has Been Listed as Start-up Company to Watch in Sierra Leone and Africa

Hawalu M. Hammid is a sierra Leonean born. He Attended the Prince of wales school and further his higher education at IPAM, and graduated with Hons in financial services. He graduated with one of the best results. He is an innovator, entrepreneur, and businessman. He is the first to invent shisha coal and briquette cooking coal( normally call charcoal). He is the co-founder and CEO of FARMS LTD.

His company has been listed as a start-up company to watch in Sierra Leone and Africa from start-up sierra Leone. Hawalu M. Hammid has also been nominated to compete in the 100-meaning business in the world. He has been the first sierra Leonean entrepreneur to be nominated for this world-stage competition. He started his company with 500 dollars in 2020.


Farming Agribusiness And Reproduction Management Solution Ltd

Business Summary: Farming Agribusiness and Reproduction Management Solution (FARMS) is a startup founded in August 2020 and based in Freetown. It currently produces briquettes for household and commercial use from carbonized coconut and jelly shells and fire starters from sawdust. The company has been focusing on cash cow in industry briquette with a winning strategy that has brought in significant sales.

Our 30 seconds elevator pitch “Farming Agribusiness and Reproduction Management Solutions (FARMS) Ltd is an agricultural base industry established for the recycling of agricultural waste into useful products. The company is currently in the process of innovating new food and drink from our plant.”

We are solving the problem of agricultural waste by recycling them into useful products and we also hope to solve the problem of food security

I saw the problems from a practical view. One of the major problems in our country is the issue of agricultural waste. The effects of agricultural waste have been negative and subsequently led to various problems in society. As a result of this, I decided to collect agricultural wastes and produce other useful goods such as renewable energy, stick light, fertilizers, and food for animals.

We have sold 5000 parcels in sales. We have been receiving positive feedback from buyers and on social media. Also, the demand for our locally made briquettes coal has been on the increase.

FARMS is presently a Startup company and we are scaling up to our vision statement. We also intend to expand the renewable energy sector and we are currently looking for partnerships for other intended activities that the company wants to implement. Shares are also open within the company for potential investors.

One of the company’s biggest wins is the production of 50,000 bags of briquettes coal and shisha coal which was a massive increase in our sales.

The challenges have been numerous. Firstly, it was hard to create a team that would execute the company’s vision. Also, capital, funding, machines, and switching the mentality of people from charcoal to briquettes have been challenging. However, my team and I have succeeded in transforming waste into valuable renewable energy products.

Scaling of the business through the injection of financial aid and partnership to increase sales. We are also working to expand our Production by increasing our machinery.

Our entrepreneurship ecosystem is still at the nurturing stage and it has a lot of potential. Support from investors and other partners in the entrepreneurial sector would be of great assistance to entrepreneurs in the implementation of their projects. For instance, Innovation SL has been impactful in the above sector. I am presently working with them to scale my company.

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As an entrepreneur, I believe it would be a stepping stone for entrepreneurs if the entrepreneurship ecosystem helps with the provision of more partnerships, funding, training, and drafting of business model canvasses for startups in the country.

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