The body of movie production in Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone Film Council recorded poor turnout as Ambassador Kao Denero organized it first film festival.

The festival was held on 1st April, 2020 at Freetown City Council Auditorium. According to Ambassador Kao Denero, the essence was to create a meeting ground for Film creators to network and express their concerns.

However, the expectation from the Film Council was high as the festival was supported by the Ministry of Tourism & Cultural Affairs and promoted by the Office of The Entertainment Ambassador. According to source, there were no representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and only Del Vaqyo represented Office of The Ambassador since Kao Denero is in the United States promoting the May 7 Back to My Root Festival.

Due to the poor turnout, the Chairman of the Sierra Leone Film Industry, Labour and Marketing Guild, Daramy A. Kabba resigned as a member from the Entertainment Board which he said was because of the inappropriate manner of administration and leadership style of Ambassador Kao Denero.

Meanwhile, Kao Denero took to Facebook and thanked those that attended the festival. He promised to continue advocating from the Government of Sierra Leone for more support. He writes;

“Congrats and thanks to those who took their time to attend the just concluded Film festival yesterday.

One thing to take home from yesterday’s event is that whatever small support that was given by govt was clearly spent on what it was meant for.

Gone are those days when folks just pocket the funds and go home to later show paper work that compliments their actions.

The essence of this festival was to create a meeting ground for Film creators to network and express their concerns.

If people can fight against the only help or recognition brought up on their behalf then I wonder what else can one do.

My office will continue to advocate for a general industry policy, not just one for a single sector.

That’s selfish.

I will continue to advocate on behalf of the creative industry to govt for more support and recognition.

It’s time entertainers know the difference between national events from political events.

God bless.”