Meet our woman crush for this week, Kadiatu Kenneh-Mason.

A woman who defied the odds of racism, overcome racism, obstacles, shielded her children and family from snobbery and exhaustion to see their dreams turned into a reality. A mother who has not only protected, cajoled or facilitated her children’s dream for decades, but also given the best of the bests to see the dreams come true.

Kadiatu moved to the UK from Sierra Leone when she was eight. Her Welsh mother lived in Africa with her husband, but then returned home to her Welsh village with her children, which Kadiatu considered as an education in itself.

Though the immigration was easy, as her family was the only Africans in the area, Kadiatu kept up her spirit, went ahead to gain education, as far as studying Art at Southampton University where she is met her man, Stuart. Combining her work and family dream together wasn’t working the way she wanted and she quitted her loved job as a lecturer in literature in Birmingham University to focus on her family.

Her dedication and sacrifice paid off as all of her seven children became figures to be reckoned with. Her children delve into the music industry, each picking a niche that suites them, while Kadiatu and her husband gave them the best of the resources to aid their dream. Now, she is a proud author of ‘House of Music: Raising the Kenneh-Masons’, a mother of BBC Young Musician Of The Year 2016 holder, professionals in music industry. One of her children, Sheku played the Celtic and stole the show at Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

To the resilient and proud mums out there, you are celebrated!