Today, we celebrate Ambassador Precious Amabel Lebby-Smith as our Woman Crush Wednesday, applauding her exceptional dedication and generosity.

Ambassador Precious Amabel Lebby-Smith, a renowned media personality, has been honored as one of the 12 impactful women on International Women’s Day 2022. The prestigious recognition comes from the Influential Women Initiative (IWI), which aims to highlight strong women who exhibit a passion for uplifting others. Notably, the IWI focuses on women who operate outside of government positions and either spearhead a noble cause or selflessly share their resources to make a positive impact.

In May 2020, Ambassador Precious Amabel Lebby-Smith established her own online television platform. Through this medium, she generously showcases the work of numerous philanthropic organizations, completely free of charge. Furthermore, she readily extends a helping hand without any bureaucratic barriers, positioning herself as an accessible and dedicated volunteer.

Ambassador Precious Amabel Lebby-Smith has earned recognition for her philanthropic endeavors, particularly her unwavering support for children and her fellow women. She has consistently contributed to SWSL’s homeless service, readily available whenever her assistance is needed. Her commitment to the cause stems from her belief that true success lies in aiding others.

In 2021, Ambassador Precious Amabel Lebby-Smith dedicated her time to working with youths in underprivileged slum communities in Murray Town and Waterloo. This endeavor was part of the Genda Bizness project under Save the Children International. Despite her part-time involvement, her impact was deeply felt by those she served. It is this remarkable spirit of giving and her unwavering passion for helping others that has led SWSL to honor her as one of the 12 impactful women.

When asked about her perspective on making a difference, Ambassador Precious Amabel Lebby-Smith humbly expressed that impact is an intangible satisfaction derived from uplifting others, without the need for public acclaim. Her words inspire us to selflessly dedicate ourselves to the well-being of others.

Ambassador Precious Amabel Lebby-Smith, who exemplifies what it means to be an impactful woman. She displays  true recognition which comes from living for others and making time to support them, regardless of one’s official position in society.