Meet our woman crush for this week, Mariama Sembu.

Mariama, a national of Guinea-Bissua who overcame many challenges, such as financial constraints and negative opinions, became one of the finest football stars in the current Sierra Leone female Premier League. She is a shiny star who has continually contributed a great lot in ensuring the Mogbwemo Queen keeps its title in the League race with her powerful strikes.

Since joining the Mogbwemo Queen in July 2023, the top striker has maintained a good scoring streak, keeping the team at the top while competing for the Golden Boot with an impressive eleven goals in the league. Sembu demonstrated her scoring brilliance by smashing four goals past Kahula Queens in Kenema.

Sembu’s team, Mogbwemo Queens, extended their unbeaten streak to a record nine games with a stunning 7-0 victory over last season’s runners-up, Kahula Queens. Mogbwemo Queens dominated the game from the start, as Wuya Mohai opened the scoring in the 22nd minute with her sixth goal of the season. Sembu doubled the lead with a spectacular strike from 40 meters just before halftime.

This win puts Mogbwemo Queens five points clear of second-placed Ram K FC and six points ahead of Kallon FC, with a remarkable total of 34 goals. Sembu is the star of Mogbwemo Queens, with incredible accuracy and skill in front of goal. Since she joined the club, she has been unstoppable. Sembu is a remarkable young woman from Guinea Bissau.