Meet our woman crush for this week, Marian Pleasant Kargbo.

Marian Pleasant Kargbo is a Sierra Leonean Barrister, philanthropist and a vibrant Child right activist that promotes education without discrimination and sexual reproductive issues.

Kargbo is the CEO/Founder of Pleasant Children’s Foundation and President of the Youth Action Movement, Sierra Leone (YAMSL); the youth body of the Planned Parenthood Association of Sierra Leone (PPASL) which is a member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

Kargbo believe that Education is a catalyst for change, a gateway to endless possibilities, and a testament to the remarkable capabilities of the human spirit. She exhibits this with her records. She is a proud holder of four incredible degrees of Bachelor of Art in History/Politics, LLB (Bachelor of Laws), BL (Barrister-at-Law) and LLM (Master of Laws), which represent her countless hours of dedication, tireless pursuit of knowledge, and her burning passion for personal growth.

Her degrees which were earned through sleepless nights, moments of self-doubt, and arduous challenges has shaped her understanding of the world, expanded her intellectual horizons, and fortified her determination to make a difference. She believes anyone can attain success, and everyone deserves to be educated.

Kargbo has held numerous leadership positions ever since she was a young girl. As Minister of Education in the Student Union Government, Kargbo strived to tackle some of the main issues students faced in terms of their academia. She advocated for the establishment of an E-library, a step that looked into the needs of student for more innovation.

With her refined, articulate speech, Marian’s voice is able to effortlessly grips the attention of her audience and pass across important message. Kargbo speaks at conferences, seminars to educate the women on their importance in the society, their sexuality, how to curb early pregnancies that later truncate the educational life of such teenager, etc.