Not all achievers or influencers sit in high positions or classy offices. This week, we shine light on a woman who is making a difference in her community and beyond; the ever-loving Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Bangoura, a remarkable woman whose life story is one of resilience, commitment, and service.

Born on December 1st to a Krio family in Freetown, Mrs. Bangoura attended the Freetown Secondary School for Girls, where she excelled in her studies and developed a passion for learning. After graduating, she traveled to Germany, to further her education, a place she lived for several years, learning a new way of life, skills, and experiences. She also met her heartthrob, Sierra Leonean-Guinean, and got married to him in Guinea.

After the passing of her husband, she returned to Sierra Leone and settled in Lungi, a town near the international airport where she quickly became an integral part of the community, using her resources and talents to help others.

As the proprietor of the renowned Bangoura compound, Mrs. Bangoura owns several houses, which she rents out to families in need. She also provides employment opportunities to local workers, such as carpenters, plumbers, and electricians, who maintain and improve her properties.

Mrs. Bangoura’s impact extends beyond property ownership; she served as the leader of all women in the Catholic Churches in Lungi. During her tenure, she played a pivotal role in fostering the spiritual growth of women, attracting more to the Catholic Church. As the women leader in her community and surrounding areas in Lungi, she actively contributed to the development of the town.

Recognizing the importance of education, Mrs. Bangoura assumed the role of President of the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) for Catholic and private schools in Lungi. In this capacity, she facilitated financial and academic support for numerous youths, emphasizing the significance of a united community for the betterment of education.

Mrs. Bangoura’s philosophy, “A united community makes education easier for young people,” underscores her commitment to cohesion and collaboration. Furthermore, she firmly believes in the positive impact of women’s empowerment on every community, a sentiment reflected in her tireless efforts to uplift and support women in Lungi.

Mrs. Bangoura’s influence goes beyond geographical boundaries, as she presently resides in Freetown, continuing her noble work for the betterment of women and youths. She is also involved in various national and international organizations, such as the Sierra Leone Women’s Forum, the African Women’s Development Fund, and the United Nations Women.

Her story stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication, community involvement, and the pursuit of empowering others. She is a role model and a source of inspiration for many people, especially women and girls, who aspire to follow her footsteps and make a difference in the world.