Meet our Woman Crush for this week, Nabieu Alima

Nabieu is part of the 36 Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) personnel who recently graduate as Special Forces at the Moses Oliver Gordon Hall in Lungi, and as the only female amongst the personnel.

In a bid to contribute her quota to the country and defend its own, Nabieu had volunteer to participate in the Recce Cadre training, which according to Commanding Officer (CO) of FRU, Lt Col Oliver Gordon was extremely rigorous and highly selective.
Nabieu started with 53 other pre-selected personnel across RSLAF; but only 36 personnel including herself graduated.

Her resilience to see the training which consist of mountain phase, Guma jungle school and special core skills phase to the very end gave her a deserving success and recognition at the end.

Lt Col Gordon congratulated Private Nabieu Alima, female volunteer for making it through the rigorous cadre where many have failed.
โ€œI admire your resilience and courage to serve the RSLAF Special Force as a female volunteer,โ€ he had said.

Towards a bright future and more recognition to her undying spirit of patriotism, we hope to see Nabieu at the top.