Meet our woman crush for this week, the ever-dynamic Saptieu Elizabeth Saccoh.

Growing up, Saptieu had always dreamed of becoming a lawyer. She loved reading books, solving puzzles, and defending the rights of others. She worked hard in school, earning a scholarship to study law at the university. She graduated with honors and joined the Office of the Administrator and Registrar General (OARG, which was responsible for registering all kinds of legal documents, administering the estates of the deceased, and serving as the secretariat of the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC)) as a junior counsel.

Due to her hard work, determination and drive for a positive transformation, Saptieu was given the appointment to lead the Office of the Administrator and Registrar General. Having experienced the strengths and weaknesses of the office during her time as a counsel, Saptieu used her position to process the dynamic change she had envisioned for the office. And today, everyone, even critics will agree she has done a good job.

She also fulfilled her dream of becoming a lawyer, and more. She had become a leader, a reformer, and a role model. She had made a difference, and she was not done yet. She had more dreams to pursue, and more changes to make.

Saptieu Elizabeth Saccoh is a remarkable woman who has achieved what many thought was impossible. She has shown that with courage, competence, and creativity, anything is possible. She has inspired a new generation of female leaders and set a high standard for other public offices. She has made a difference, and she is not done yet. She has more dreams to pursue, and more changes to make. She is Saptieu, the rising star of the legal system.

Saptieu Elizabeth Saccoh Esq. has received several awards both within and outside Sierra Leone in recognition of her hard work and exemplary leadership. The African Leadership Magazine identified Saptieu for her exceptional managerial skills and transformative leadership. Her journey to the final stage is a testament to her dedication and impact on the OARG.