A voracious woman warrior who will stop at nothing to creating a significant change in her region. Meet Victoria Barnard, Sierraloaded Woman Crush for this week.

Victoria is a strong Sierra Leone Journalist and Activist who has been very proactive to address issue around women and girl child. She has been very influential and hardworking towards creating the difference in the Eastern Region.
Victoria has a Bachelor of Science degree in Peace and Development Studies from Njala University.

She has got an incredible track record as she served as a Vice Youth Chairperson for the Kenema District Youth Council. She is also playing a great role in the area of football and youth’s development serving as the team Manager for Francess FC in Kenema.

She has been involved in engaging the women and girls in the Region to help them transform positively in creating talk shows and community engagement at different levels. She is a mentor who has a lot of mentees in the East and her role played in advocacy around women, youths and girls has captured a lot of attention in achieving the SDG on Equality and Women’s empowerment by 2030.

With her power of advocacy, she has been the first chairperson for SLAJ East to have a SLAJ’S owned office that is currently under construction.