Many Corporate institutions have been accused of making money without giving back to society in the name of ‘corporate greed’.

However, as a corporate entity, Orange believes that business can only thrive when the communities within which they work are equally thriving, thus the need for Orange involvements in Corporate Social Responsibility drive to improve lives in the communities. Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] is a business approach companies follow to make a social impact beyond profits.

How Orange does executes its Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy?

It’s a known fact that a huge chunk of Orange dividend goes back towards charity through Orange Foundation, donating a certain percentage of their profits through the Orange Foundation. This initiative is dedicated to improving the lives of people in the communities in the most pressing areas. The Foundation was incorporated to offer a sustainable and focused channel through which Orange can drive its Corporate Social responsibility initiatives to support projects aimed at enhancing human developments efforts, particularly in Education, Health and culture.

Since January 2021, the Foundation had embarked on numerous activities and donations that have positively impacted the country in health, education and national priorities areas such as youth empowerment among others. The Orange foundation also have a strong partnership with the health and education sectors.

A clear manifestation of this drive is the launching of the Orange safeguarding Maternal Health Project in Sierra Leone. The project which was launched on 11th March 2021 provided free maternal services for women in Kroobay. Kroobay is the biggest slum Community in the country and has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality as a result of the community’s vulnerability.

Meanwhile, on the 24th June, 2022, under the leadership of the Chief Executive officer, Sekou Amadou Bah, the foundation handed over a refurbished community hospital to the Kroobay Community that is geared towards safeguarding maternal mortality of female residents. The project provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to deliver evidence-base, robust community and facility-based interventions to optimize maternal health services-utilization in Kroobay community.

This project is considered a win for the company and the community because Orange believes it can only flourish when the communities and ecosystems in which it operates are healthy.

Orange current CSR programs currently focuses on National Priority Issues such as Education, Health, women Empowerment, Disaster Relief, among others.

Significantly, the Creation of the Orange Digital Center which is free and open to all serves as a strong support for Sierra Leoneans to gain digital and entrepreneurial skills ranging from coding/programming training to small business coaching.

Since youths account for over 60% of the population across the Sierra Leone Job Market, Orange believes that if they can address the issue of job creation through empowering them with the relevant skills required in the current times so as to achieve competitiveness and drive inclusive growth, It will positively impact communities. This strategic move is to really unlock the potentials of the youths in building the economy.

Orange believes that their vision to build sustainable societies can be achieved through partnerships and collaborations, helping the realization of CEO, Sekou Amadou Bah’s transformational drive.