How could a political party be like the All People’s Congress party of Sierra Leone which revels in infamy by having in its midst hooligans, Mammy Cussers and Fake News Carriers?

Not only having them in its midst but using them to cause problems and even paying them to carryout their obscene acts.

Since this APC party lost the 2018 elections, it has carried forward all its bad habits to the New Direction era so that governance will be disrupted.

APC has since developed the knack for supporting bad people, encouraging people who engage in Mammy Cussing and cheer those who carry fake news around just so that this country will not be at peace.

Sensing that it is going to lose the 2023 elections, APC is now very bitter even before the registrations start with some of them issuing threats to cause problems when they lose.

Social media is now awash with very obscene mammy cusses perpetrated by APC elements who nurse the insane idea that the more mammy cusses they rain down, the more they will be liked by the people.

In a bye election last year at Koinadugu District north of Sierra Leone, the only campaign tactic that APC employed was to rain down thousands and thousands of mammy cusses on people.

Kabala town got fed up of hearing mammy cusses.

At Tonkolili recently, APC and its hooligans went on the rampage during a bye election hustings causing mayhem to the extent that all rallies were banned.

Hooligans and mammy cussers were bussed from faraway places to go and cause mighty problems in the areas of the bye election to disrupt it.

All the local APC mammy cussers were at Tonkolili causing mammy cusses problems for people who are ardent Muslims.

APC has thousands of fake news carriers who are throwing their fake news weight all around.

Fake news in APC have become so bad that nobody believes anything again coming the APC party because by a thousand chances to one, all what is said by APC must be fake.

Look at a political party having in it elements that they call “APC Warriors”. Who are the enemies? Citizens?

APC’s love for hooligans and rabble-rousers is great. APC is supporting a man called LAJ who has been charged with robbery with violence not because of reasons of human rights but because APC is a party that is a lover of troublemakers like LAJ.

The APC concocted a fake news that LAJ was dead while he was in police custody just to stir up unnecessary problems against the police.

APC must grow up realizing that the 2023 elections it is going to lose will not be the end of the world for it.