August 12th each year is a date set aside by the United Nations General Assembly as International Youth Day and has been celebrated by the World Community of Nations since 2000. It is a date set aside for youths to amplify their voices against injustices they suffer worldwide, as the youthful population is not just tomorrow’s leaders but is equally making huge changes globally. It is a day celebrated by holding conferences, seminars, concerts, workshops, cultural events, and meetings orchestrated across the world to motivate and educate youths, as well as to celebrate the day. In such a vane, the Commoners Club Sierra Leone, powered by one of its own, Most Power Cord Ansu Bangura has 12th August 2022 celebrated this year’s International Youth Day by having a radio talk show in Bo City.

During the program which lasted from 8 pm to 9 pm, hosted on Kiss 104.1 FM and live on Facebook, members of the Commoners Club informed listeners that this year’s theme for the celebration of International Youth Day is “Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages.”

Donald Atkinson Blake, one of the panelists educated that the objective of this year’s theme is to send loud the message that indeed there is action needed across all generations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). According to him and referencing the reason for the formation of the Commoners Club which is as a result of ensuring all are seen and treated equally, Mr. Blake stressed that development especially development in Sierra Leone should be a business of everyone in the society, youths included.
“No one should be left behind,” Donald Atkinson Blake registered to listeners.

Haja Amie Fofana, a member of the Commoners Club Sierra Leone and another panelist stated to her youthful audience that “as young and energetic people, we should use this year’s theme for the celebration of International Youth Day to raise awareness on some things which have been barriers to Intergenerational solidarity such as ageism which impacts young and old persons while having detrimental effects on the society.” As a woman, she stated that young women and men have integral roles to play in bringing the much-needed changes in areas such as global issues, hardship, and achieving sustainable development goals.

Christian Michaels, another member of the Commoners Club Sierra Leone also served as a panelist and sensitized youths that this year’s theme serves as a dire opportunity to raise awareness of the numerous and grave challenges and problems facing youths in Sierra Leone and the rest of the world. Christian about the August 10th chaos in Freetown, Kamakwie, and some other parts of the country, appealed to youths nationwide to refrain from all sorts of violence and riotous, adding that “being violent solves, not the many problems and challenges we face as youths and as a nation.” Christian Michaels pointed out that the Commoners Club is an organization formed for all persons in society regardless of age, color, ethnicity, region, religion, financial and societal class but it is equally an organization that does not condone any form of lawlessness.

“A. V. Dicey, a proponent of the rule of law mentioned in the 1800s that no one is above the law and so the Commoners Club Sierra Leone condemns such acts and is appealing to all Sierra Leonean youths to stay calm, law-abiding, and developmental,” stated Christian Michaels. He wrapped up by advising that should youths be dissatisfied with the way the rulers are ruling the ruled, “that should be done via the ballot box and not through bullets, stones, and other arms.”

Donald Atkinson Blake wrapped up the program by admonishing youths that during the youthful age, intelligence, brilliance, and talents are alive and as such, youths in Sierra Leone should not wait on the government to create jobs for them or develop their respective localities. “Take the bull by its horns: make use of your hands; be creative and innovative so together, we can make Sierra Leone a better place for all to live in,” he ended.