The out spoking founder and leader of the Unity Party, Femi Claudius-Cole has gone miraculously silent in recent developments in the country. That has prompted many Sierra Leone to ask questions about her silence.

Madam Cole grabbed headlines in July last  year, after he was arrested by the Sierra Leone Police and detained at Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for allegedly mobilizing a group of women labeled as the ‘National Women’s Wing of Sierra Leone’ to stage an unauthorized protest.

The arrest, however did not silence her. She was actively voicing her opinion and criticizing the government on range of issues that are affecting the ordinary Sierra Leoneans through her social media handles.

Claudius-Cole established the Unity Party in 2016, and contested for the 2018 Presidential elections, making her the only female that contested for that position. Unfortunately, she was dropped in the first rounds of voting, but gained the political fame that she is currently enjoying.

She recently disclosed that her party will soon have its convention, but it seems that is not likely to happen any time soon, with barely four months to the country’s general elections.

Claudius-Cole serves as the chairperson of the Consortium of Progressive Political Parties (COPPP), which consists of different political parties. She said that COPPP is intending to contest the 2023 election as a coalition and not as an individual political party.

However, the question many Sierra Leoneans are asking presently is whether the Unity Party is going to partake in the June 2023 election, or if the party authorities are planning to dissolve it with their unexplained silence for months now.