WARNING: Once it is 7pm, Don’t Eat These 6 Foods if You Are 30 Years And Above And You Want to Live Long

Some people don’t feed very well as they are supposed to, which is one of the major reasons why they spend lots of money treating sickness they cause for themselves.

The rate at which people get hospitalised every day is very high, some of these patients are suffering from diabetes and they are between the age of 30 and above.

Diabetes is not a a communicable disease, but once you eat too much of carbohydrates at night you will start developing it inside your system which might lead to break down of your tissues and your muscles will be affected. Therefore, it is advisable you stop eating carbohydrates, that is, any food that contains carbohydrates at night, don’t eat them especially once it is 7pm, but you can eat them at noon around 12- 2pm and it won’ t affect your health.

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Another reason why you shouldn’t eat carbohydrates at night especially when you are age 30 is because, you need small sugar in your body. When you eat too much of carbohydrates, the quantity of sugar needed in your body in other for your system to function very well will increase, and you know too much of any thing is very bad.

Excess intake of carbohydrates at night hampers the muscle repair process because insulin increases and can lead to serious diabetes when not treated.

When you clock 30 years old, your hormones and testosterone which helps in fighting illness declines, and it is advisable you abstain from foods that will make it decline faster which is carbohydrates.

Sleep time is meant to restore the body after going through lots of stress throughout the day, and at that period, your are not expected to eat carbohydrates because it takes a lot of time to digest, and carbohydrates digest easily when you engage yourself in any activities that will make you sweat.

Below are the six foods that contains too much of carbohydrates that you shouldn’t eat once it is 7pm.

1. Rice

2. Yam

3. Water Yam

4. Fufu

5. Garri

6. Bread

But rather eat proteins than will help in building and repairing the worn out tissues tissue in your system. If you discover that you have been consuming too much of carbohydrates at night, stop it now, if you value the precious life that you are living now.

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