The Internal Affairs Minister, Major-General Rtd. David Taluva spearheaded a tour to encourage police officers in Pujehun and the Mano River Division to uphold vigilance and proactivity in their law enforcement duties.

Assisted by the Regional Police Commander South, Assistant Inspector General of Police Brima Kanneh, the tour aimed to reinforce the imperative of maintaining law and order and ensuring citizen safety and security.

Throughout the tour, Minister Taluva convened meetings with police officers stationed at various locales, engaging them in discussions regarding the challenges encountered in their daily operations. Emphasizing the necessity of proactive measures, Taluva underscored the importance of identifying and mitigating potential threats before they escalate into significant incidents.

Moreover, the Minister stressed the significance of community engagement, urging officers to cultivate robust relationships with the communities they serve. By fostering trust and collaboration, law enforcement can garner valuable intelligence and information crucial for crime prevention and public safety maintenance.

Assistant Inspector General Brima Kanneh expressed gratitude to the Minister for the timely initiative, citing the Southern Region’s commendable performance in crime reduction efforts. He lauded the Minister’s commitment to supporting and motivating police officers in their duties.

Interactive sessions were integral to the tour, enabling officers to share their experiences and concerns with the Minister directly. This facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the challenges confronting the police force and provided an avenue for addressing grievances and issues promptly.

The tour concluded at the Police Regional Headquarters in Bo City, where Minister Taluva reiterated the arduous nature of the fight against corruption but expressed confidence in their ability to minimize it despite challenges. He commended the police for their unwavering support and commitment during the failed attempted coup in Freetown in November.

Led by the Internal Affairs Minister and Regional Police Commander, the tour aimed to inspire officers to embrace proactive and vigilant approaches in their law enforcement roles. By instilling a sense of pride and responsibility, the Minister endeavors to contribute to the creation of a safer and more secure society for all citizens.