On October 10th each year, the world comes together to observe World Mental Health Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and emphasizing its significance.

It’s a day that encourages open conversations about mental health and highlights that mental well-being matters greatly. Importantly, it serves as a reminder that seeking help for mental health challenges is not just acceptable but encouraged, regardless of the difficulties one may be facing.

In a noteworthy development in the realm of mental health advocacy, Dr. Austin H. Demby, the Minister of Health, made a significant stride on Mental Health Day 2023 by unveiling the newly established mental health helpline, 5116. This initiative underscores the fundamental nature of mental health as a universal human right that must be protected and upheld.

With a growing recognition of the pivotal role mental health plays in our overall well-being, various stakeholders, including the government, gathered to commemorate Mental Health Day 2023. During this event, the importance of acknowledging mental health as an essential human right was underscored, emphasizing the critical need for accessible and immediate support for those who require it.

Helpline 5116, the freshly launched resource, stands as a dedicated lifeline for individuals seeking assistance, guidance, or simply someone to confide in regarding their mental health concerns. It operates round the clock, offering confidential and compassionate support to individuals in their time of need.

As the saying goes, “Mental health is not a privilege but a fundamental human right.” The commitment to eradicating the stigma surrounding mental health issues and ensuring that every citizen has equitable access to the support they rightfully deserve is unwavering. Helpline 5116 represents a significant stride towards achieving this goal.

The introduction of Helpline 5116 aligns harmoniously with global efforts aimed at prioritizing mental health, underscoring the message that mental health is a universal concern that transcends geographical boundaries and demographic differences.

As the world unites to mark Mental Health Day 2023, the launch of Helpline 5116 stands as a testament to the government’s resolute dedication to fostering mental well-being. It reaffirms the commitment to ensuring that mental health support is readily accessible to all citizens, firmly establishing that mental health is, without a doubt, a universal human right.