Sierra Leone became the newest member of the World Physiotherapy Organisation, joining over 120 other countries, on Monday July 10.

The President of the Sierra Leone Physiotherapy Association (SLPA), Ismaila Kebbie presented his country’s response to natural disasters at the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Rehab 2030 programme.

Sierra Leone is only the 28th member country from the African region.

The head of the region is Joseph Martial Capo-Chichi from Benin with Priscilla Odonga from Uganda serving as his deputy.

The organisation’s regional body often improve and maintain regular communication and exchange between the board and member countries. They also work towards strengthening symbiotic partnership among member countries.

Physiotherapy is the treatment that focuses on restoring, maintaining and making the most of patient’s mobility and wellbeing.

“Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice,” The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy said.

Some public and private hospitals in Sierra Leone operate physiotherapy unit with special care given to the aged but the West African nation currently has the lowest rank.

Authorities have said that the new membership into the organisation is for them to improve in the coming years.

The World Physiotherapy is a UK-based charity organisation operating under the name of World Confederation of Physical Therapy

The Physiotherapy organisation boasts of representing over 600,000 physiotherapists worldwide.