2,000 women were reported to have died from cancer in Sierra Leone in 2022 according to data from Global Cancer Research, GLOBOCAN.

Most cancer deaths from females in Sierra Leone are from breast cancer. The WHO’s International Agency for Cancer Research estimates that about 20 percent of all female cancer cases are breast cancer. Cervical cancer is ranked second accounting for about 10 percent of all cases.

Speaking at a Press Conference in Freetown, Physician Dr. Len Gordon-Harris said the country recorded a low rate of cancer survivors.

The Physician also stated that there cancer rate among men in Sierra Leone for 2022 stood at 1,389 with the majority being prostrate cancer cases. He said prostrate cancer is more prevalent among blacks than white men especially those aged 50 and over.

He advised that Sierra Leonean men above 40 should get tested early in order to increase their chances of survival. Dr. Gordon-Harris said most men in the country succumbed to the disease without knowledge of being infected with it.

Politico Newspaper reported that Sierra Leone recorded 3,389 cancer deaths in 2022 alone.

The fight against cancer in Sierra Leone could prove a daunting task for health workers due to the fact that the country lack the necessary facilities. But charities like Cancer UK Salone Charity has been working with local health authorities to help the local community.

The Charity recently received NLe 50,000 from the District Lodge of Sierra Leone and The Gambia.