Sierra Leone BBC reporter Umaru Fofana has today delivered a message in support of the Managing Director of former Barclays Bank now Rokel Commercial Bank Dr. Walton Dayo Gilpin amid perceived conspiracy to remove him from office.

Dr. Gilpin is being blackmailed to have committed what the conspirators refer to as sexual harassment of a staff wanting to be a Director in the bank.

Umaru Fofana posted on social media in support of the Rokel Commercial Bank Managing Director, stating that; “You know what? I have to say this: Can someone please give that young man at ROKEL COMMERCIAL BANK a break! Four years of a tirade and an onslaught and yet Dr Dayo Gilpin continues to do a sterling job for the bank as the returns clearly show. Is this how we want to grow Sierra Leone? If someone is not one of us – perceptibly or in reality – we must seek to destroy them regardless of their performance! Ahhh noooo dis e don pass mark now bo! Let him be allowed to concentrate on his day job and not on his survival on the job. This is sickening and it’s up to my neck! What are we, Sierra Leoneans! Is it wrong if his brother worked for a former president!? Does that make him any less Sierra Leonean or any less competent! Gosh!”

In another post, the BBC reporter called attention to the unemployment and socioeconomic issues in the country.

“Unemployment is as much a security issue as it is a socioeconomic one. That’s a no-brainer!” he stated.