When it comes to health, I don’t think we need someone to tell us that we need to take care of our health. Having lots of money is not enough when you don’t have good health.

If you have opportunity to go to any hospital around your vicinity, you will realise that there is no hospital you will go without seeing any patient in the hospital. This mean people are suffering from different diseases and sicknesses.

And if you have opportunity to ask what caused their sickness, some of them might be the one that caused the sickness to themselves due to one or two things which they are doing that are totally bad for their health.

As a man, you need to know that there are some things which you must avoid so as not to harm your male organ. There are some 3 habits that our young men of nowadays are doing.

Meanwhile these habits are very dangerous because they can harm your male organ. But in this article, i will like to share you the 3 habits in order to help people who don’t know that the habits are not good for their health.

These 3 habits are detailed below:

Lack Of Exercise

According to medical experts, they said man who used to do exercise regularly will experience good health. So in order to keep your male organ in a good health condition, you need to make sure that you do exercise regularly.


A lot of young men has taken smoking Cigarette, Tobacco and weed as their favourite. Smoking anyone of these things can affect your male organ because your male organ has tiny hole and flesh. Anytime you smoke, the Nico Nitric acids will penetrate through the tinny hole and get trapped. The more you smoked, the more the Nico Nitric acids will penetrate through the tinny hole and this can damage the male organ.

Excessive Intake of Alcohol

This is one of what some young men are now doing in the name of enjoyment. A lot of men has developed much interest in drinking excess of alcohol and it is not good because too much intake of alcohol can either permanently or temporary affect male organ.

You need to put these things into practice if you love your male organ.