In her traveling adventure around the world on a motorbike, Dutch vlogger, Noraly Schoenmaker popularly known as Itchy Boots experienced a mechanical failure of her bike, Alaska barely minutes from Sierra Leone into Liberia.

Her travel experience had been broadcast live on her page as she moved from the Holland exploring around the world.

In a video stream on her Facebook page she shown her trip through Kenema where she met several bike riders who were asking her about the many gadgets she was carrying with her and some told her about loving her bike. She said she was going to Liberia that day and mainly to look for a mechanic who would repair her bike that was giving a bad sound.

She explained to local riders in the Eastern District about how she rode from Holland with her bike leaving them wowed.

Schoenmaker said she was heading to the southern border which she said has a ‘pretty decent reputation’ and she was not too concerned about it at all but her concern was the roads to the border as there was a lot of rain so they might be rough, poor and slippery.

She parked on her way and made an introduction of the money saying this is Sierra Leonean money, showing our NLE20 on her hand.

“They call it 20 Leones and they also have old currency so they took off three zeros so sometimes people still talk about 20,000 and then it’s this one the 20, but this is their biggest note and it’s about $1.

“People are walking around with stakes and stakes of money and I have only managed to get money out of the ATM one time and the biggest amount it give me was 120, a very small amount. Luckily they also do accept US Dollars in like hotels and stuff so I have just been paying with US Dollars straight,” she said.

Itchy Boots said she never really knew where would be the best way to cross whilst she was balancing the potholes on the path.

The Dutch rider has travelled with her motorbike through several countries. She intend to stop in Ivory Coast where she intends to repair her bike.