The Hon. Justice Albert Moody, presiding over the ongoing Prison Court Exercise at the Moyamba Correctional Facility, has acquitted and discharged 13 inmates previously sentenced by the Magistrate’s Court.

This review, covering 86 cases, resulted in the release of Mariama Jalloh, Amid Charles, Francis Blango, Tommy Kainwo, Bob Mayango, Okarie Evidence Arisi, and three others. These acquittals were made in accordance with Chapter 17 of the Laws of Sierra Leone, which allows for the summary review of magistrates’ court cases.

Additionally, Justice Moody acquitted and discharged Edward Margai and Sheku Senesie based on time served, both of whom were convicted of larceny. The sentences of Mohamed Kamara and Charles Williams were reduced to 12 months each.

In his address to the newly released inmates, Justice Moody acknowledged that their imprisonment was disproportionate to their offenses. He emphasized the high fines relative to the economic conditions in their region and encouraged the former inmates to either return to school or pursue profitable activities.

Conversely, Justice Moody upheld the sentences of Mathew Kamara, Abu Samba, Solomon Suluku, Lansana Conteh, Gbassay Morovia, and six others, all convicted of larceny, including Larceny Bailee. He stressed that despite the goal of the Prison Court to decongest correctional centers and reduce government expenditure through fair justice delivery, those posing threats to public peace and stability must remain incarcerated.

This initiative, led by assigned judges under the mandate of Acting Chief Justice Hon. Justice N. C. Browne-Marke, seeks to ensure that magistrates’ sentencing powers are not exceeded and to promote fair judicial practices across Sierra Leone.