Fifteen self-acclaimed traditional healers are set to be expelled and de-recognized as herbalists for failing to procure proper documentation for the operation of their services in the Waterloo community of the Western Area region of Sierra Leone.

Unlike medical clinics, the use of traditional healers also known as herbalists or witch doctors is very prevalent in Sierra Leone because they are more accessible, often live closer, and prescribe cheaper alternatives: herbs, roots, and barks that are readily available in their surroundings.

However, their operations have come under intense scrutiny in recent times after the corpse of a University lecturer was found in the shrine of a notorious witch-doctor, Ibrahim Kalokoh, of Sherbro Town community, Newton (4 Mile), Waterloo. Similarly, in 2015, a popular disc jockey, Salami Sydney Buckle alias ‘DJ Clef’ was killed in mysteriously after attending a party at the shrine of one renowned herbalist, LAC.

Speaking to Awoko, Manchawill, the Ceremonial Chairman of the Council of Traditional Healers Sierra Leone, said that individuals who lack proper documentation will not be recognized as herbalists in the Waterloo community.

He mentioned that these fifteen individuals who have been identified were specifically found in Mabrone, Masantigie village, Tombo, and Lumpa community within Waterloo.

Manchawill emphasized that these offenders would face the council’s disciplinary actions and be subject to the full extent of the regulations. He further urged all other members without the necessary council documents to register promptly before the 2023 elections to avoid engaging in their activities unlawfully. (

Manchawill stated that actions have already been initiated to combat the illegal activities of non-herbalists who are not affiliated with the Union. He mentioned the case of the missing lecturer and other individuals who were murdered in Sherbro town, emphasizing that they had interactions with these herbalists in Waterloo.