A photo of coffins outside of what looks like a Mortuary believed to contain the 27 corpses of civilians that were killed during the August 10 protests in Sierra Leone, has surfaced on Social Media

Sierra Network Sierra Leone Reported that the corpses of the said civilians have been brought out of the central mortuary for burial by the state.

And according to a source the burial team has just departed from Connaught Hospital Mortuary with well armed military and OSD officers to the Bolima burial cemetery in Waterloo where they will be laid to rest.

Earlier today when the burial news was announced to the public, the government neither disclosed the cemetary where the burial will take place nor where the victims families given permission to take the bodies of their loved ones from the Mortuary.

The Sierra Leone government decided to take over the burial and offered the families of the said victims a sum of Le 20 million Leones, about $1,250 dollar.

It is not clear why the government has taken upon themselves to bury these civilians without allowing their families to claim their bodies and perform their last rites, but so far the victim’s families except for Evangelist Samson’s have been silenced after the offer.