In a significant interception at the Gbalamuya border post in Kambia on Friday, May 31, 2024, police apprehended 31 presumed victims of human trafficking who were being transported in two separate Taxi cars.

Preliminary investigations revealed that one group was en route to Niger while the other was bound for Mali via ConakryGuinea.

Among the intercepted individuals were 10 women accompanied by 21 children, comprising 12 girls and 9 boys aged between 6 months and 15 years. Following the operation, all the women and children have been provided with temporary shelter at a care facility managed by the NGO SHADE. This intervention was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Social Welfare and various child protection organizations in Kambia.

As investigations continue, authorities are yet to ascertain the identities of those responsible for facilitating the movement of these women and children. Additionally, police are exploring unverified reports suggesting the existence of extensive and profitable street begging networks involving women and children in several West African countries.