40yrs-old Augusta Moiguan was kidnapped in the municipality of Kenema. This damning report ensued after one Richard Mohamed Moiguan of Burma III section in Kenema formally reported to the Kenema police division about his 40years old missing wife (Augusta Moiguan) who he said went out on business trip.

The complainant according to police report, stated that his wife was snatched away by some unknown men within the city of Kenema who later used the woman’s cellphone number to contact Richard, the husband on two separate occasions demanding a ransom of five million Leones (Le-5m), equivalent to five hundred United States Dollars (£ 500) or forfeit her soul, the report says.

However, after meeting the alleged Kidnappers’ ultimatum on December 7th this year, Madam Augusta in less than 5munites alerted her husband, informing him to have been released and identified her current location to be Falla Wandor, a popular chiefdom in the Kenema district, the report further stated.

It also mentioned that the freed captive later traveled to Kenema, her residual address on her own after spending days in an unknown location but did not exclusively talk to police in the initial interrogation due to some complaints of poor health condition that was perceived to be developed from the ill-fated expedition.

“She was availed back to us on Saturdyay 11th December 2021, by Richard Mohamed Moiguan the husband after some refreshing medical treatments”, John Roland Saffa, the Regional Crime Officer East stated.

A-Z reports that, when asked of why the alleged victim was detained? The Detective Assistant Superintendent of Police cited conflicting statements.

“Her statements were conflicting. Though the matter is still under police investigation but it is incumbent on us to release her on bail with fitting conditions and avoid another human-right breach.

This is the first time a report of such nature has surfaced in the entire Eastern Region according to police.

This medium made fact finding moves to the 40 years old woman who claimed to have tested the wraths & cruelty of hearty kidnappers, at her Burma III resident but she denied interview on the basis of her husband’s directives.

“My husband is not around and there is nothing I could do without his permission. He had advised me not to honor interviews from any journalist“, Madam Augusta explained in an unhappy mood.

The husband was then contacted on telephone and he calmly reaffirmed the inimical decision to refuse the media.

This historic alleged kidnapping floor has sparked mix feelings to hearers though the municipality tends to be calmer than before.

But the police had vowed to do everything possible by law to unearth every truth leading to the heartrending matter.