A 45-year-old man, identified as Bockarie Kallon, of Golawahun Village in Perri chiefdom, Pujehun, has Committed Suicide on Sunday 17th December 2023.

The Local authorities are now launching an investigation to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this devastating event which has shaken by a distressing mood.

According to preliminary reports made to the Criminal Investigation Department in Pujehun by one Ibrahim Metzger of Golawahun village, he discovered Bockarie Kallon faceless in the remote Ngedema bush, where he had chosen a rubber tree as the site for his unfortunate demise. The haunting image of a bush rope, serving as the instrument of his self-inflicted demise, was found tangled around the tree.

Local authorities wasted no time in responding to the distressing scene, the Sierra Leone Police in Pujehun quickly arrived at the location and initiated an official investigation to determine the factors that led to Bockarie Kallon’s untimely demise. Their efforts aim to bring clarity and understanding to the community, which has been left in shock and mourning.

Meanwhile, Following the completion of the initial investigation, the lifeless body of Bockarie Kallon was carefully handed over to his grief-stricken family. The family now faces the difficult task of preparing for his burial, a solemn occasion that will undoubtedly bring the entire community together to mourn the loss of a fellow villager.

While speaking, the Chairman of the Civil Society Organisation Ibrahim Boguwa Swaray, said instances of suicide often raise important questions about mental health and the well-being of individuals within a community.

It serves as a reminder for society to prioritize mental health awareness and support systems, striving to create an environment where individuals can seek help and find solace during times of emotional distress.