Main suspect Aruna Sulaiman Kamara and seven others who were helping the Criminal Investigation Department of the Makeni Police Division with further information after they were arrested at the Dr Ernest Bai Koroma Avenue at Rogureh with 7 AK-47 live rounds and several harmful substances suspected to be ‘kush’-( a harmful drug), as well as kumbayjara and three cards of Tramadol tablets, have been charged to court yesterday the 18th October, 2022.

The seven other suspects are: Mohamed Thullah, Saidu Kamara, Mohamed Jalloh, Foday Bangura and Issa Sulaiman Bangura, they were all at the same scene of crime.

Speaking to Awoko Newspaper on Tuesday afternoon, Police Constable-13608 Osman Kamara, the Information Officer of the Makeni Police Division confirmed that the eight suspects were indeed arrested with 7 AK-47 live rounds and harmful drugs specifically kush, kumbayjara and three cards of Tramadol tablets.

” without delay the police patrol team promptly retrieved the illegally possessed firearms and the harmful drugs from them, and they together with the exhibits were brought to the station for further questioning and their exhibits swiftly tendered by the police patrol team which was headed by the Officer Commanding OSD Mr Matthew M Gbanya (ASP), whose brevity lead to the vigilant arrest been made on the night of friday, 13th October, 2022 at a car wash near the resident of the former President of the republic.”

He ended saying that ” after spending some nights in custody, the eight suspects were charged to court on tuesday morning, 18th October 2022 for various offenses, including for the unlawful possession of firearms without any lawful authority.”