Freetown is facing a harrowing security breach marked by persistent gunfire and a shocking discovery in Kossoh town.

An abandoned military vehicle, identified by the registration number 72SLQ7, was found containing a stockpile of assorted ammunition. The revelation has heightened concerns among residents, prompting urgent appeals for authorities to step in and remove both the military vehicle and its concerning payload from the community.

The discovery has prompted an urgent call from the residents to authorities, urging them to swiftly assess the situation and explore avenues to remove both the military vehicle and its hazardous cargo from the community.

The prevailing sentiment among citizens is one of apprehension, with the tangible threat posed by the presence of such weaponry in a residential area. Concerned individuals are pleading for immediate action to neutralize the potential danger and restore a sense of security.

As the situation unfolds, parts of the city remain engulfed in ongoing gunfire, contributing to an atmosphere of unrest and unease. The urgency of addressing this security lapse is underscored by the immediate risk it poses to the well-being of the community.

Authorities are under growing pressure to respond decisively, reassess security protocols, and take prompt measures to safeguard the populace against the prevailing threats. Freetown’s residents await a swift and effective resolution to restore peace and normalcy in the face of this unexpected security crisis.

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