Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commissioner Francis Ben Kaifala has promised to give popular journalist Thomas Dixon the sum of Le100 Million if he can prove tomorrow that Sierra Leone dropped in its rankings in the International Transparency Report by just one position.

Commissioner Kaifala made this comment while reacting to Thomas Dixon via Facebook after he posted that “Sierra Leone’s Transparency International Report has dropped hugely,”

The commissioner states that If Dixon can prove that Sierra Leone dropped in its rankings by even just one position he will reward him with the Le100 Million.

The commissioner further states that for 5 years, the commission has been on track to ensure that the image of the country is better. Adding that, every index in the world confirms huge progress in the fight against corruption.

“Our biggest challenge has come from the negative attacks of our own compatriots who could have helped the fight with their platforms and energy”, he states.

Francis said however, even with the attacks they have continued to conquer, and Sierra Leone is now the envy of Africa in the fight against corruption.