The remains of a prominent teacher and Community Relations Officer at Kingho Mining based at Binkolo in the Northern District of Sierra Leone were laid to rest on Sunday 22nd May, at his hometown of Kamabai.

Earlier this month, A. A. Conteh as he was popularly known, left Binkolo 1 am on that fateful weekend 9th of March as he had received an urgent call to come to Kamabai.

However, he never arrived at his destination as he was discovered in the bush dead, with his Motorcycle Bike still intact including phones and other personal belongings. This was a clear indication that his accident and death: was not as a result of robbery especially as his autopsy results released by Dr. Owizz Kamara, the Consultant Pathologist at the main Government Referral Hospital indicated that it was a clear case of brutal method.

According to the autopsy, the victim was hit with a very strong object at the back of his head. The Information gathered by this Writer from some residents at Binkolo on the eve of his burial clearly indicated that the late Teacher was very well known for his good deeds both within the Binkolo and Kamabai chiefdoms has always been a strong advocate for the youths to avoid violence and engage in positive life changing activities. What is worrisome and must must be of interest and concern to all Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone as there has been quite a few gruesome deaths in their communities which were largely gone unsolved.

The Police are fully engaged with the investigation of this matter, however, there is a clarion call by civil society organizations and other well placed individuals to continue to monitor the situation and to also liaise with the investigators to ensure that the investigation does not die a natural death as has been the norm.

In a bid not to prejudice the outcome of the case, a lot of information is being kept away from the public domain for now. Interestingly and what continues to raise eyebrows is the fact that a the decomposed unidentified body was also found at the scene of the accident.

The area where the accident occurred of is called Mile 11 and has been the he scene of several accidents and deaths including that of the former APC Politician Momoh Conteh. It is therefore believed that there is a super natural force responsible for causing If these accidents.

The deceased left behind a wife who is a Teacher and three kids and as to why anyone would want to see such a promising young man die for any reason still remains a mystery.