In a devastating turn of events, Popular Road through Port Loko popularly known as the Port Loko Highway witnessed a very fatal accident leaving at least two people dead.

The accident was shared on social media showing a type of vehicle popularly known as ‘Poda Poda’ carrying passengers, food, and drinks overturned scattering people and other items on the street.

Even though some people were lying on the street, others were trapped some lifeless.

The Port Loko Government Hospital confirmed the two dead bodies from the scene and they were taken to mutuary for postmortem.

Port Loko Highway is one of the many highways across the country that citizens have sought to be worked on to make it wider for vehicle plying. The road is so small that vehicles could collide easily. The call for road extension has been widely stated by citizens across the country. Many people have hoped that the government and its partners could embark on projects that will not just widen the Port Loko Highway but also those of the Lunsar and Bo Highways.