Musa Henry Kpaka, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, has proposed a novel solution for dealing with unused cardboard boxes: repurposing them for productive use in egg carton production.

In a recent social media post, Minister Kpaka urged citizens to consider recycling their cardboard waste by directing it to a facility capable of transforming it into egg cartons.

He highlighted the efforts of Mr. Lahai at Freetown Store Poultry in York, who specializes in this innovative recycling process. Additionally, Minister Kpaka encouraged individuals to support local businesses by purchasing chicken and quail eggs while visiting the facility.

“Freetonians, do you want to put your used card boxes into productive use? I know a guy and place that can help you with that. Mr. Lahai at Freetown Store Poultry in York transforms them into egg cartoons. And while you are there you can buy some chicken and quail eggs” he wrote.

Freetown Poultry Store, located in Tombo, is renowned for its egg production and rearing of quails and goats for the market. The store has also been recognized as one of the beneficiaries of the first round of the SCADeP Agribusiness Services Matching grant fund.

CEO Mr. Lahai elaborated on the advantages of this funding, emphasizing its crucial role in sustaining the farm’s operations and enabling diverse production cycles.

Despite the challenges inherent in maintaining high-quality production standards, Mr. Lahai expressed gratitude for the support provided by the SCADeP Agribusiness Services Matching grant fund. With this assistance, he initiated plans to transition the farm into a battery-caged system, ensuring the safety and security of the chickens.

The implementation of the battery-caged system has commenced, facilitated by the support from SCADeP—a government project in Sierra Leone backed by the World Bank.

Minister Kpaka’s personal commitment to enhancing the agricultural sector aligns with broader initiatives such as the Feed Salone initiative launched by President Bio.

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