The recently appointed Youth Envoy, Yulisa Ahmadu, had the honor of accompanying the Minister of Basic Education, Dr. David Sengeh, as they interacted with the vibrant youth of Bo City in Constituency 087.

The engaging session focused on President Bio’s vision for the youth in his second term and the guiding principles of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

With a strong commitment to advancing the welfare of young people, Yulisa Ahmadu joined forces with Dr. David Sengeh to connect directly with the youth of Bo City. The session provided an opportunity for the attendees to discuss their aspirations, concerns, and the role they can play in the nation’s development.

Inspired by President Julius Maada Bio’s visionary leadership, the Youth Envoy expressed his unwavering dedication to spreading the President’s message among Sierra Leone’s youth.


By actively engaging with young people across the country, Yulisa Ahmadu aims to foster a greater understanding of President Bio’s vision and rally support for the nation’s development initiatives.

The discussion centered around the comprehensive vision outlined by President Bio for the youth, encompassing education, skills development, entrepreneurship, and employment opportunities.

The event concluded with a renewed sense of unity and commitment among the youth of Bo City, who pledged their support for President Julius Maada Bio’s transformative agenda. Yulisa Ahmadu, driven by his passion for youth empowerment and development, left the gathering with a resounding message: “Let’s vote for national development!”

As Sierra Leone moves forward, the collaboration between the newly appointed Youth Envoy and the Minister of Basic Education marks a significant step in fostering youth engagement, amplifying their concerns, and ensuring their active participation in the nation’s progress.