The Port Loko Entertainment Union conducted a presidential election on Saturday, September 11, 2023, at Central Park. In a competition featuring three contenders, Musa Mike Sesay emerged victorious over Aruna Dumbuya, popularly known as Bagda, and Yayah Bashir Kargbo, also known as Bash.

From all fractions of the union, including Disk Jokeys (DJ’s), Masters of Ceremony(MC’S), film makers, Texas and callers, Artist and the vibrant prom team, 36 qualified voters were constituted. A number of 35 votes were casted with no invalid, from which Musa Mike Sesay secured 20, Aruna Dumbuya 2, and Yayah Bashir Kargbo 13.

The head of the election, Alhaji Alimamy Kamara (uncle vedy) informed that 3 years is the period of office of president and shade light on some challenges they endured, pointing out to lack of funding and strain in getting the trust of the people because of their ages.

Sesay, the winner in an interview explains the reasons for his victory, ” In life, one should be dedicated, committed and give the sacrifice that one believes is the best for the people. “He continued by sharing his background in entertainment, “I have been in the system since 2012, I served as financial secretary, and acting secretary general in the outgoing administration. With this opportunity, I lace and connect with my people, that is what resulted to this triumph.” He concluded by telling his major plans of unifying members of the entertainment including his contenders and extending the union to nehbouring towns of the district like lungi, lunsar and Gbaray junction.