The Regional Police Commander South, Assistant Inspector General of Police, Mr. Brima Kanneh, was honored to attend the 97th edition of the Sierra Leone Athletics Association (SLAA) event held at Bo Mini Stadium on December 26th, 2023.

The event aimed to promote physical fitness, encourage healthy competition among youths, and strengthen community bonds.

Mr. Kanneh, upon arrival, was warmly welcomed by enthusiastic participants eager to display their sporting prowess across various disciplines including Volleyball, Cycling, Boxing, and Gymnastics, among others.

Addressing the gathered crowd, AIG Kanneh emphasized the crucial role of sports in fostering character, discipline, and teamwork, while also highlighting the Police’s commitment to ensuring community safety.

As a token of appreciation for their dedication and sportsmanship, Mr. Kanneh presented certificates to winners and participants, fostering a positive rapport between law enforcement and the community.

The event not only showcased athletic talent but also symbolized the support of the police force for youth initiatives, encouraging continued engagement in healthy activities. The gathering served as a testament to the positive influence of sports on both individuals and communities.

The event was also attended by prominent personalities from across the country, adding to the significance of the celebration of athleticism and community spirit.