Bank Manager Ikubolaje Nicole has spent almost four weeks in police detention in an ongoing murder investigation which according to source at the Criminal Investigation Department has proven that there is no case for the said Manager.

The CID Officers interrogated all but one witness whom they don’t know her whereabouts and all the witnesses that they interviewed so far corroborated the statement of the Bank Manager.

The police questioned all the workers in the house of the Bank Manager including an OSD officer attached to the house who corroborated the statement of Bola Nicole.

The OSD officer in his statement to the police said that he heard no scuffle between the deceased and the Bank Manager when he was on duty and that he was among those who put the late Sinnah Kai Kargbo in the car and that at that time, she was alive.

The same statement was made by the house help of the Bank Manager, confirming that he heard no scuffle between Bola Nicole and the deceased.

Interestingly, a conversation between the late Sinnah Kai Kargbo and her sweetheart Bola Nicole was also retrieved which proved that the deceased had earlier been diagnosed with a heart problem, contrary to the autopsy result of Dr Simeon Orwis, the government pathologist whose report has always come into question, causing the government to lose billions.

” with all of these facts gathered, coupled with the CCTV Camera from the hospital, it has proven that, if the matter is charged to court, we will not be able to win it” a Senior CID Officer averred.

Because of the huge public interest that the matter has generated, people are asking questions as to when the investigation will conclude and whether the matter will be taken to court or not.