More than 50 animals, including goats and sheep, have mysteriously died in Benduma Town, Makegohun Chiefdom, Kenema District, Eastern region of Sierra Leone.

According to one of the affected farmers, Osman Saffa, nine of his goats have died mysteriously. He said that they were seen standing quietly with running noses and eventually died the next day.

Saffa said that this is the first time their town is experiencing such a situation with their animals and called on the government and authorities responsible to come to their aid. He added that their animals are dying on a daily bases without them having the opportunity to eat them.

A Community Animal Health Worker (CAHW) from the livestock and veterinary division in Kenema in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Mathew S. Turay said the department they have just got information about the incident and assured that a team will be immediately sent to the community to look into the situation.

Speaking on their challenges, he said some community people refused to give treatment to their animals.

He said they only believed in giving them warm water and herbs as treatment, adding that the ministry is providing free treatment to animals.