A dangerous accident involving a ten-tire truck occurred on Friday evening in the heart of Freetown on Siaka Stevens Street.

The truck veered off course and onto the sidewalk in a reckless manner, colliding with the wall of a building. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported at this time, but police are investigating the incident.

This incident reignites concerns about the safety of large vehicles operating in crowded areas during busy hours. The public has repeatedly called for regulations on the movement of such trucks, particularly during peak times.

Tragically, similar accidents have claimed lives in the past year. Last year alone, two such incidents were documented: one on Abacha Street resulting in multiple fatalities, and another at Waterloo near Tomboy Park.

Many of these accidents are attributed to poorly maintained vehicles and reckless driving. Citizens have consistently borne the brunt of these preventable tragedies.

Residents are urging the Sierra Leone government to take decisive action to address this menace and safeguard public safety. This includes restricting large trucks from operating on busy pedestrian streets. The public demands a clear plan to prevent such accidents and protect lives.