On Monday, November 13th, 2023, the Anti-Drugs Unit of the Freetown-East Region acted upon intelligence and successfully apprehended Prince Turay, a resident of Lower Maxwell Street, Wellington, Freetown. The arrest was made in connection with the possession of a substantial quantity of illegal substances.

Authorities discovered a total of five hundred and eighty-six (586) wraps of a substance suspected to be Kush, a potent form of marijuana. Additionally, a black plastic bag containing dried leaves believed to be Cannabis Sativa, commonly known as marijuana, was seized. Alongside these illicit substances, law enforcement confiscated four assorted color scissors, suggesting potential involvement in the processing or packaging of the illegal materials.

The arrest underscores the ongoing efforts of the Anti-Drugs Unit to combat the prevalence of narcotics within the Freetown-East Region. The successful operation serves as a testament to the unit’s commitment to acting swiftly on intelligence to curtail the illegal drug trade.

The investigation into Prince Turay’s activities is currently underway, as authorities seek to uncover the full extent of his involvement in the illicit drug trade. Such operations play a crucial role in dismantling drug networks and disrupting the supply chain, ultimately contributing to the broader goal of ensuring public safety and wellbeing.

Residents of Lower Maxwell Street, Wellington, and the surrounding areas are urged to remain vigilant and cooperate with law enforcement authorities. The arrest of Prince Turay serves as a reminder that the fight against illegal substances requires ongoing collaboration between the community and the Anti-Drugs Unit to create a safer and drug-free environment.