APC Honorable Mabinty Alice Taylor Bangura of Samu Chiefdom in Kambia District has extended substantial support to the Muslim communities of the area. On the auspicious day of March 28, 2024, Honorable Bangura distributed hundreds of bags of rice, prayer kettles, Quranic books, and 25,000 new Leone notes to the twelve Muslim sections of Samu Chiefdom, gathered at Bubuya Luma.

This noble act marks Honorable Bangura’s first significant political philanthropic endeavor towards the Muslim populace and the general masses of the Chiefdom. However, her track record of supporting education, health, sports, and agriculture in Samu Chiefdom precedes her political career, reflecting her deep-rooted commitment to community development.

The event, attended by hundreds of Muslims, youths, women’s groups, stakeholders, and party members, witnessed the distribution of essential items to the Muslim communities across the Chiefdom. The beneficiaries, overwhelmed by the timely and unprecedented gesture, hailed Honorable Bangura as a beacon of hope and a true servant of the people.

Former Honorable Henneh Hassan Radarr commended Honorable Bangura for her exemplary display of solidarity and emphasized the importance of unity for the continued prosperity of Samu Chiefdom. He highlighted Honorable Bangura’s distinguished educational background and urged the community to rally behind her for sustained development.

Expressing their gratitude, Muslim leaders performed Surahs from the Holy Quran as a token of appreciation for the substantial support received from Honorable Bangura. Chairman of the APC Party for Samu Chiefdom, Komrabai Boston Kamara, credited Honorable Bangura for reshaping the political landscape and emphasized the blessings her presence brings to the Chiefdom.

The Women’s Wing of the Chiefdom, represented by Maya S. Kamara, lauded Honorable Bangura’s timely assistance and underscored her inclusive approach to community engagement. Honorable Bangura, in her address, elucidated the rationale behind her support, citing the reciprocal relationship between leaders and their constituents and emphasizing the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Former Councilor Ibrahim Sapato Turay invoked teachings from the Holy Quran to underscore the significance of supporting Muslims, particularly during the Holy Month of Ramadan. He lauded Honorable Bangura for her compassion and called for continued support for the Muslim community.

Chernor H. Kanu, speaking on behalf of the youth, expressed gratitude for Honorable Bangura’s support and highlighted the transformative impact it has had on the youth of Samu Chiefdom. He outlined areas of urgent need and thanked Honorable Bangura for her unwavering commitment to their welfare.

Stakeholders, represented by Micheal Yillah, hailed Honorable Bangura’s gesture as a milestone in the political history of Samu Chiefdom and called for collective efforts to uphold the Chiefdom’s positive image.