In observance of the holy month of Ramadan, the Kailahun District Youth Movement for A.P.C initiated a charitable drive to provide food supplies to the residents of Kailahun. On March 29th, 2024, thousands of Sierra Leoneans in the township of Kailahun received essential food items courtesy of a generous donation from prominent politician Jagaban.

The gesture, aimed at supporting families during Ramadan, garnered significant appreciation from the local community. Chairman of the youth movement, Mr. Sulaiman Abdulai, emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and adherence to the law during the holy month.

He reiterated that political affiliation is a constitutional right and emphasized that the A.P.C party is inclusive of all Sierra Leoneans regardless of individual, tribal, or regional backgrounds.

General Secretary Mr. Konateh highlighted the transparency of the donation process, ensuring accessibility to all residents regardless of political leanings. Distribution points were strategically located, including the Nacwac community for the physically challenged, Kailahun Government Hospital, and the central area of Kailahun near the court Barry.

Beneficiaries expressed gratitude and pledged their support to the youth movement for the advancement of Sierra Leone. The initiative not only provided essential support during Ramadan but also fostered unity and community development.