The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in collaboration with with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change On August 22nd, 2022, apprehend two notorious kingpins of the dredge mining industry in Heima Village, Lugbu Chiefdom, situated within Bo district.

This operation stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to curbing environmental degradation across various regions within the nation. Employing a comprehensive approach, they have diligently pursued leads, dismantled dredging equipment, and taken individuals involved in this trade into custody.

According to reports, the two individuals in question are of Ghanaian nationality. Allegations have surfaced suggesting that they provided monthly stipends to influential local authorities, purportedly to secure protection and ensure the unimpeded continuation of their operations.

the EPA Special Team destroyed twelve (12) dredges in Heima Village followed by sixteen (16) dredges previously destroyed in Robinki Village in the Kholifa Rowala Chiefdom, Tonkolili District.

Lamin Tarawalie, Deputy Director, Field Operations and Extensions of the EPA said, this is a special raid instituted by the Agency after the procurement of two Jetskies to aid the operations. The Jetskies have aided the operations of the Team and positive results have been received, adding that, after the operations, the Paramount Chief of Lugbu Chiefdom, PC Ensa Badara Nallo who had been largely accused by illegal miners of aiding and abetting them as well as owning one of the dredges they have destroyed arrived at the scene to disrupt the operation but met stiff resistance from the Sierra Leone Police.

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