four civilians were apprehended by the management of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) in Daru Division on Wednesday, July 12, 2023, for assaulting and manhandling two police officers in uniform.

The incident, which occurred along Tanga Street in Daru town, has raised concerns about the safety of law enforcement officials in the region.

Following a tip-off from a concerned citizen, the management of the Sierra Leone Police in Daru Division swiftly responded to reports of civilians assaulting police officers on duty. “The public is further informed that the civilians who perpetrated this act of lawlessness have been arrested and identified as Ibrahim Ansumana, Amara Conteh, Isatu A. Conteh, and Fatmata John, all residents of Tanga Street in Daru. They are currently assisting the police with their investigations,” stated the SLP management.

Expressing their dismay at recent incidents of civilians obstructing and interfering with police officers while carrying out their lawful duties, the SLP management of Daru Division emphasized that such behavior is not only criminal but also a manifestation of gross lawlessness. One such incident involved Ansu Conteh of Tanga Street, who was accused of “assault occasioning actual bodily harm” and reported to the FSU department in Daru Division on May 14, 2023. Despite multiple invitations from the police, Conteh failed to honor them, leading to a warrant being issued for his arrest. When he resurfaced, two police officers were dispatched to apprehend him. However, during the arrest, a woman named Isatu A. Conteh, reportedly called upon local youths who attacked the officers, resulting in a violent altercation. PC 21069 Gallia Sandi’s uniform was torn, and his shoes were forcibly taken from him. Ultimately, the suspect managed to escape.

The SLP management of Daru Division issued a stern warning to the public, urging them to refrain from engaging in such unpatriotic and lawless acts or face the full force of the law. They reiterated their commitment to providing professional policing services and called on all citizens to abide by the law.