Pastor David Karim finds himself in police custody, facing allegations of wounding his neighbor, John Baimba. The incident unfolded in a residential area in Freetown, Sierra Leone, leading to Pastor Karim’s appearance before Magistrate Sahr Kekura at Ross Road Court No. 1.

The charges levied against the ordained man of God pertain to wounding with intent. It is alleged that on Saturday, September 16, 2023, at No. 18B Colon Street, Wellington, in Freetown, Pastor Karim inflicted grievous bodily harm upon his neighbor, John Baimba.

Awoko reports that during the court proceedings, Joseph Lansana, a resident of Wellington and the second prosecution witness, recounted the events surrounding the alleged incident. Lansana and Baimba were engaged in a discussion about national issues while sitting outside their apartment on the day in question. It was at this moment that Lansana temporarily left to take a bath.

Lansana informed the court that upon his return, Pastor Karim unexpectedly appeared and shone a torchlight at him. Perplexed by this action, Lansana inquired about the reason for the flashlight, prompting the accused to allegedly respond with insults and begin throwing stones. Regrettably, one of these stones struck John Baimba on the forehead, resulting in significant head injuries.

According to Lansana, he attempted to restrain Pastor Karim, but Baimba’s wife advised them to seek assistance at the Wellington Police Station. Subsequently, both Baimba and Lansana provided statements at the police station, and Baimba was issued a medical request form to access the necessary medical care due to his injuries.

Following the testimony, defense counsel Alie Santos Sesay applied for the cross-examination to be deferred and requested bail for Pastor Karim. However, Magistrate Sahr Kekura denied the bail application and ordered Pastor Karim’s remand in custody. The case is scheduled to resume on October 17, 2023, for the cross-examination of the witness, continuing the pursuit of justice in this unsettling incident.