Following the incident on Sunday 26th November 2023 that led to disturbing the peace of the country, Atical Foyoh has sent a warm message to Sierra Leoneans across the country.

He maintained that, Sierra Leoneans have to appreciate the fact that, president Bio is the legally elected President for the country until 2028, adding that, the people have to put their loyalties not in any political party but the country.

His message reads; If we Sierra Leoneans still dae fail for realize say nar President Bio nar we Leader nar Salone till 2028, if we still dae fail for know say nar Salone we for pay we loyalty to rather than political party, ah see de growth of we Nation very very farโ€ he stated.

He further called on Sierra Leoneans to choose peace over war, love over hate and development over destruction.

โ€œSierra Leoneans is high time we choose peace over war,Love over hate, development over destruction. Leh we put Salone fos n respect we sefโ€ he noted.