In a shocking turn of events, an autopsy report presented as evidence in the ongoing murder trial of Sulaiman Conteh has unveiled gruesome details surrounding the death of his sister, Isha Saidu Hughes. Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Simeon Owizz Koroma testified before Justice Monfred Sesay at Freetown High Court No.2 on Wednesday.

According to Dr. Koroma, the autopsy concluded that Isha Saidu Hughes was stabbed seven times, leading to her demise at 1:30 hours on July 14, 2023. The report detailed four homicidal stab wounds on the abdomen, two on the chest wall, and one on her back. Additionally, the deceased had blunt force fractures on the head, indicative of a physically frenzied and barbaric attack.

Dr. Koroma revealed that the cause of death was acute homoerotic shock, emphasizing that the stab wounds preceded torrential bleeding, ultimately resulting in the homoerotic shock that claimed her life. He described the nature of the attack as done with maximum force at the highest density, noting the presence of raccoon eyes, a sign of massive skull rupture.

During the trial, Detective Sergeant Alimamy Kamara presented a hammer with a wooden handle, a cutlass with a rubber handle, a kitchen knife, and another sharp metal object, all linked to the murder. Detective Police Constable Mohamed Koroma testified about receiving information on the murder incident and finding the accused, Sulaiman Conteh, at the scene with a wound on his side.

Conteh was rushed to Kingtom Police hospital for treatment, and upon discharge, he admitted to killing his sister in a statement obtained by the police. Despite Conteh’s guilty plea, the presiding judge emphasized that the trial would proceed as dictated by law, given the gravity of the crime.

The trial is set to resume on November 15, 2023, with further proceedings expected to unfold in this harrowing case